What is Nootropil 800mg Tablet?

Nootropil is a functional brain and memory enhancer

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A Nootropil drug to improve memory

The drug Nootropil is used to treat various symptoms that accompany brain weakness, such as

1- Eliminate symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease, and increase brain activity and absorptive capacity.

2- It helps in the treatment of muscle spasms caused by exposure to soccer players or due to running long distances.
2- Also in the case of Alzheimer’s disease or the inability to remember some important information due to defects in the brain or a general deterioration in memory.

3- It is used for early mental retardation in childhood or language delay, which leads to a delay in growth or delay in the stage of normal development.

3- It treats sickle cell anemia or some mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

4- Using it when exposed to some serious viral infections will reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain.

5- It is used to treat the side effects of alcoholism or cerebral vascular insufficiency.


Nootropil dosage:

The doctor first examines the patient’s condition and conducts the necessary medical examinations to ascertain the extent of the condition, delay, or deficiency.

The doctor prescribes 800 mg for adults and children three times daily based on the weight of the adult, then the doctor gradually introduces the dose to obtain the desired effect.

Nootropil side effects:

As for the side effects of Nootropil, they may be rare or only a small percentage, such as:

1- Weight gain is unreasonable, but it will continue for a while, and then the body will return to normal weight.

2- It can also lead to hyperactivity or activities that exceed the normal range, especially in the case of disabled or oblivious children.

3- The patient also notices insomnia and cannot sleep continuously due to excessive stress, and is affected by the surrounding events that can afflict some people with depression.

4- In rare cases, the patient may develop a rash, but regardless of any serious side effects, please consult a doctor and stop taking the drug immediately.

Contraindications to the use of Nutrophil:

In some cases, Nootropil is banned, so we found some of them:

1- A pregnant woman should avoid taking Nootropil during pregnancy to avoid harmful effects on the fetus, such as malformations, penetration into mother’s milk during breastfeeding and reaching the baby, which affects the baby’s growth and development.

2- For patients who are allergic to paracetamol or peracetamide, they must stop taking the medicine completely.

3- This also applies to people with severe brain hemorrhage or severely impaired kidney function.

Nootropil chemical reaction:

There are some chemical reactions that may conflict with the drug Nootropil, and they directly affect patients and cause dangerous side effects and lead to poisoning or death, so we found the following, for example:

1- Taking any prescribed medications related to thyroid disease, as these drugs will affect the body’s chemical reactions and cause serious complications in the future.

2- Likewise when taking any of the epilepsy medicines that contain sodium valproate or chlorlinazine and phenobarbital.

3- Patients should not take this medicine suddenly, so as not to cause cramps or stop some muscles, or on the contrary, from excessive exercise.

4- For diabetics, the doctor should adjust the dose rate to match the creatinine level in the blood.

Nootropil price:

1- In the Egyptian market, the price of 1 mg Nootropil ampoule is 14.40 pounds.

2- Nootropil syrup size 120 ml in the Egyptian market and its price is 19.20 Egyptian pounds.

3- In the Egyptian market, the price of Nootropil capsules at a concentration of 400 mg is 9.20 pounds.

4- Nootropil is sold in the amount of 800 mg in the Egyptian market at a price of 18 Egyptian pounds.

Dosage form of Nootropil:

Generally, Nootropil comes in different shapes and concentrations, and it can be obtained in the form of an intramuscular or intravenous 1 gram injection, as well as a capsule between 300, 600 and 800 mg or even an oral dose. You can drink up to 1000 mg.

It is available in ampoules of up to 3 ampoules, or in a single package of up to 30 tablets, the maximum package format for drinking the drug is 120 ml.

Source :  wikipedia

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